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Coffee Date is an oil painting showing a woman wearing a lot of green holding her phone and her huge frap. Like any art, this painting can evoke different feelings or reflections on different subjects. I originally was inspired by greenwashing (def from NRDC: the act of making false or misleading statements about the environmental benefits of a product or practice). I was working from the juxtaposition of someone who is very "green" and presents in a "pro mother nature" way while indulging in fast fashion, plastic cups, capitalism etc. 


I am not condemning or judging people who like fraps, phones or fashion. I love those things. I am more interested in the hypocrisy of the corporations who try to trick us. 


But on the other hand you can enjoy this painting in many other contexts (less political ones). It feels like a summer day. It is a snap shot of many of us. Coffee Date, as a title, is intentionally vague. As always, I'm pairing something ordinary and mundane with the feeling of luxury to provoke gratitude for the ordinary things we take for granted. 


Painted on a cradled wood panel, this luxurious painting is outfitted with a wire on the back making it ready to hang. The painting has been varnished and has been made with the best oil painting practices to ensure a painting that will outlive you. 


Is this painting meant to light up your home and remind you daily of the countless blessings you enjoy? 




Coffee Date

Original artwork


Oil paint on a wood panel




This artwork includes a certificate of authentication.

Coffee Date, original oil painting

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