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Joining my mailing list means getting:
exclusive deals
insider info  

You will only be emailed once a month (maybe twice but ONLY when something special is going on)

I promise: no spam, no invasion of privacy, no selling your info.

Giving me your mailing address is completely optional. However, some freebies require me to ship things to you so in those cases it's pretty crucial. But again that information is completely confidential. A part from freebies the only thing I may send via snail mail would be invitations to show openings.

Thank you!


All payments are securely processed by someone else.
In my shop you have the option of checking out through Wix Payments or through Paypal. 

I have no access to your personal payment information.
If you want to check the safety of that process you'll have to scrutinize Wix or Paypal. 

T-shirts are sold through Redbubble. They don't even let me see the customer's name.
My subscription offering is through Ko-Fi, again I don't have access to that personal payment information.

Thank you, again!


All images on my site are mine.
They aren't for personal or commercial reproduction

Copyright Amy Lewis 


Making an offer

Serious offers only please. 
I will respond to your request within 1-2 business days.
If I accept your offer, I will send you an invoice.
Your offer does not include shipping or tax. Those costs will be added in the invoice.
Once we are all paid up, you will get the art!

If I don't accept the offer, you will still hear back from me.
Maybe we can find a sweet middle price. 
Thank you!



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