This is a shot of an artist's studio. You can see colored pencils and the glass swan from Amy Lewis' first large oil painting Afternoon Snack.
Artist Amy Lewis works in her studio in downtown Tacoma, Washington. Woman artist working in realism watercolor and oil painting.

Amy Lewis is an artist
living and working in Tacoma, WA

Her colorful, realist paintings are snapshots of ordinary life glamorized.

Amy is mostly self taught in watercolor and oil painting. A brief 5 week youth program at Gage Art Academy in Seattle which introduced her to classical methods of drawing and oil painting. 

Amy started this business in the hopes of adding more joy and beauty to the world in general, and to your home in particular.

a little info about
my practice

Luxurious settings and richly decorated people matched with common objects and foods creates a juxtaposition designed to highlight things we take for granted.


I am inspired by everyday surroundings, editorial photography and historic paintings of the aristocracy.

In the beauty of the ordinary I am reminded to be grateful and to use my privileges for the good of others.


Hear more about why I paint here.


Artco Framing and Gallery, July 2022

Anxious Tomato
, Online Gallery July 2022

Celebrating Dreams
 showcase, May-June 2022

Member of Women Painter's of Washington, 2022

Show at Tacoma Consignment, February 4th- March 11th 2022

Arts at the Armory, October 16th, 2021

Interview feature in Creative Boom, October 5th 2021

September 11th, 2021 Solo Art Exhibit, The Perkin Building

2021 featured in Envision Arts Magazine, edition #6

2020 collaboration with Grit City Magazine, edition #10

2020-2021 Nova Expansion Gallery

2017-2021 Tacoma Studio Tour

2015 Gage Academy of Art, Portfolio Intensive (5 week youth program)