In a world chock-full of color illuminated in light, I am creating in order to satisfy the ache of beauty. 

Luxurious settings and richly decorated people matched with common objects and foods creates a juxtaposition designed to illicit gratitude for the ordinary. I am inspired by everyday surroundings and the paintings of aristocracy in the 18th-19th centuries.


 Smooth surfaces, a complete precise foundational drawing and 3-5 layers of paint bring to life an idea rendered in watercolor or oil paint. There's aesthetic joy in the cheap foods we eat and in the hands we work with.

There is so much beauty and color in the world, Let's look with new eyes. 

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Amy Lewis is a visual artist working in watercolor and oil paints. Her colorful, realist paintings are snapshots of ordinary life glamorized. Her work can be found in Nova Expansion Gallery, a micro gallery not far from the Seattle Space Needle. She received her BA in Business Management from the University of Washington- Tacoma because art school is expensive. Although she did attend a Youth program at Gage Academy of Art in Seattle which briefly introduced classical methods of drawing and painting to her self taught repertoire. Experience is the best teacher and her art education began as a small child and will never end.

She was born, raised and currently lives in the City of Destiny, Tacoma, WA. 


2020 collaboration with Grit City Magazine, edition #10

2020 Nova Expansion Gallery

2017-2019 Tacoma Studio Tour

2015 Gage Academy of Art, Portfolio Intensive