Commissions are

your heart and my hands getting together

to make your ideas come to life.


Contact me

(253) 495-7991

THe nitty gritty

The process time for every commission is different. 
If your project is time sensitive, contact me asap.

Prices for watercolors and oils are the same.
The best medium should be chosen for the project regardless of price considerations.
Size is the greatest determining factor for price.

Once you contact me, we can chat about the details and I'll write you an estimate.
After we agree on the project and the price you'll pay 50% of the price as a deposit.
I'll make you a draft or so and then I'll make your final piece. 

During the process I do lots of check ins with you to make sure I am going the right direction for your project.

At the end, if for whatever reason you aren't 100% happy with the artwork I am willing to do revisions (to the best of my ability).
However, I charge 20% of the price for every revision.
A complete redo of the piece will cost the same as the original price.


We will sort out shipping or pick up.
You will bask in the glow of new art and pay me the other 50% of the price.
Then you can show off your art and be proud of your idea that has come to life.