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The Beauty of daily life reminds me 
to be grateful & to use my privileges for the good of others.

Candy is an oil painting by Amy Lewis. Amy is a realism painter located in Tacoma Washington. Amy is a woman painter of washington. It features sour candies and gold foiled chocolate coins. The backdrop is a pink marble wall and a green satin tablecloth.
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Contemporary realism oil painting by Tacoma local artist Amy Lewis. He's wearing a sequin jacket and a large wrist watch while he holds his cigarette and a fancy coffee cup and saucer.This is an oil painting. This is a dark room illuminated by light from the right. The view is looking down on a man’s sequin suit. In one hand he is holding a coffee cup and a cigarette. On the other hand he is holding the matching saucer. The coffee cup and saucer are white and gold. The sequin suit is gold and creams. The background is black. There are lots of blues, blacks and whites in this painting. On his right hand wrist there is a large watch. The watch has a black band and gold face. The inscription on the watch says Thine be the glory.
This is a watercolor painting. In the background there is a wood grain. In the foreground there is an orange formica table. On the table there is a white napkin with a large raised donut with chocolate frosting. Next to the donut and napkin there is an open can of Red bull energy drink. The scene is lit from behind. There are lots of blues, oranges and browns in this painting. This is a still life contemporary art realism painting.
A watercolor painting of a man in a blue velvet suit hiding his face. He is holding a phone and a velvet mask.
This is a portrait of a woman in a mask. It is a watercolor painting. This woman is white with blue hair and blue eyes. She has her hair pulled back in a bun. She is wearing a large cream colored fur coat. She is wearing crystal white jewelry. She is wearing a cream, sequin jumpsuit. She is rolling her eyes. She is tired of the pandemic. She is wearing a mask because she has been told she will catch covid. She doesn’t really care how other people are affected by covid-19.
French fries in a glass swan on a white table in front of a red curtain. A hand covered in rings reaches for a fry. Contemporary realism oil painting by Tacoma local artist Amy Lewis. In this image you can see a hand covered in jewelry reaching for a french fry from a glass swan. Behind the scene is a tasseled red curtain.This is a realism oil painting by Tacoma, Washington Fine art painter Amy Lewis. In this image you can see a hand covered in jewelry reaching for a french fry from a glass swan. Behind the scene is a tasseled red curtain. This is a realism painting.
Contemporary realism oil painting by Tacoma local artist Amy Lewis. Cup noodle food painting. Woman dressed up holding chopsticks and cup noodle. Realism woman painter in Washington state. This is an oil painting of a woman in a black jumpsuit. The jumpsuit has white crystal buttons. She is standing in front of a mirror. You can see her portrait in the mirror. The mirror has a gilded carved framed. Behind the mirror is a dark green wallpaper with white lotus inspired flowers. The woman is holding a Cup Noodle and a pair of chopsticks. The woman is wearing green costume jewelry earrings, necklaces, a ring and a large gold bracelet.
This is a dark room with a table covered in a velvet, green tablecloth. On the right there is a woman in a white dress. Her dress has huge puffy transparent sleeves. Her sleeves have blue glitter cuffs with crystal buttons. In one hand she is holding a knife which is resting on the table. On the other hand she is holding out half a pink donut. On the table there is a silver platter holding three pink sprinkle donuts. This is an oil painting.
This is a watercolor painting of a young man. He is taking up most of the painting. He is leaning forward holding his phone. One hand is covering his face. He is wearing a turquoise blue button down shirt. He has light sandy brown hair and he is wearing a blue black beanie. Behind him is an industrial concrete and wood coffee shop. There are two windows. On the right there is a door. In front of the windows there is a brown wood bench. This is a contemporary realism painting by a Tacoma local woman. This painting takes place in the Bluebeard coffee shop in Tacoma.
This is a watercolor portrait of a woman. The woman is sitting in a cafe setting. Behind her there is a counter and metal piping on the ceiling. The wall to the left is a pale yellow. She is sitting at a black table. On the table is an empty take out box with a crushed Red Bull can. In front of her on the table is her phone. Her hands are up in a thoughtful speaking gesture, She is looking off to the right side of the painting. She is wearing a blue black beret. She is wearing a vintage dark blue sweater with a white pom pom design. She is a white woman with a dark brown bob.  This is a contemporary realism painting by a Tacoma local woman. This painting is taking place at Metropolitan Market in Tacoma.
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art is an investment in something
that gives you joy and will last you a lifetime.

Tacoma vibes t-shirt is a blue t-shirt with a design inspired by Tacoma, WA. There is Mt. Rainier a rainy cloud, sunshine and a skeleton drinking coffee.

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This is a picture of Amy Lewis with a yellow painted hand. Amy Lewis has pink hair. She is a realism painter working in Washington state.

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Amy Lewis, contemporary woman painter, adjusting her watercolor painting Ivory Tower in her studio.

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