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Commissions (a special piece just for you).

Need a food painting, hand paintings or portraits? I am your girl. Commissions are so special because they combine your vision with my expertise and skills. I can give life to something you love.

How to start the commission process-

Just email me. You can also visit my contact page to message me via my website. You can also message me on Instagram (not as reliable because sometimes messages get hidden). You can also call me, but if you do just know that I get loads of scam calls in a day so you'll need to leave a voicemail.


phone: 253-495-7991

What's it like getting a commission from Amy Lewis?

First I do a little happy dance because you've taken the leap to reach out to me!

  1. I send you a little list of questions to narrow down exactly what you're looking for

  2. We go back and forth a little bit to make sure we are 100% on the same page

  3. You send me your reference images. Sometimes people don't have them and that's fine. It depends on the project. For instance, below you can see a watercolor painting on cheese. The commissioner asked for a cheese painting and I worked with a photographer to take that image. Other times it's very personal and you bring the image (like a portrait). If you want to provide your own images but they are really bad... then that'll be an issue. We can discuss, but just know that if I have to compile several images together it is never as good as using one image (this is especially true for getting a likeness, in the case of an animal or a person).

  4. Once we are agreed on everything, I will send you an invoice for the project and request a 50% deposit

  5. Deposit in hand, I will start your project

  6. I will be in contact with you the whole time about where in the process I am. I will check in for feedback before starting each "next stage"

  7. Once I'm done I will get your stamp of approval and request the other 50% of monies

  8. I do have a clause requiring 20% of the total price if I have to do any big "fixes" and 100% of the price if I have to do the painting over. This has never happened. This is a safety net in case of difficult clients. I communicate so much with you that you really have no reason to be surprised. And I'm also happy to make small adjustments or suggestions (I ask for feedback).

  9. Before I send you the painting I will have it photographed (and in the cases of oil, I will need to varnish it. So think about 2-3 weeks of drying time if you're commissioning an oil painting).

  10. Then we arrange pickup or shipping! I will send you an image of the piece you can share on social media. If you are interested in licensing then I will send you a high res digital file of the original. And if you are interested in printing the image you can arrange that through me:)

Woah, that was a lot of steps. But really, it's not. It goes super smoothly if everyone communicates promptly.

So, how long will the commission take?

It really depends on what I have going on, what time of year it is and what your project is like. But here are some time estimates just based on project type.

Time estimates:

no background watercolor

no background oil

full composition watercolor

full composition oil


1-2 weeks

2-3 weeks

2-3 weeks

3-4 weeks


2- 3 weeks

3 weeks

1 month

1 month


4-6 weeks

1 month

2-3 months

2-3 months

The moral of this story is to contact me asap because there is no time guarantee. 90% of my commissions are gifts for others which usually have a deadline. So hit me up. If you wait, that amazing birthday idea will turn into a Christmas gift.

Different commission styles and their prices-

Style one: No Background

I don't have a sexy name for this style. But leaving the background white is a common trend among artists right now. It allows us to make work more quickly and it makes the subject *pop*. All the images below are past commissions in this "style"

This style tends to be more affordable because I am able to do the work more quickly. It can be done in either watercolor or oils. But as you can see below- it's usually in watercolor.

Style one: Full Composition-

You can see below that this "style" is what you may think of as a traditional painting. I offer this style in both oil and watercolor paint. This style, regardless of medium, takes much more time and therefore is pricier.

So you want to know about pricing. The biggest factors that determine price are: style and size. Every project is different and if you have something in mind then it's best to get a custom quote. Just email me:

But sometimes you just want artists to spit it out. Here's a very rough estimate:

No Background

Full Composition










Other factors may be supplies. If you choose a watercolor painting mounted on a wood panel then that will be a little extra then just on paper. Or maybe you want to license the image for a product- that will have associated fee.

Black man holds his wife from behind. Her hands resting on his wrists. Watercolor commission painting by Tacoma local Amy Lewis.

In conclusion, let's start a commissioned painting

I loveee to do commissions. It's so exciting to deliver a piece that someone is already so invested in, It's personal for everyone involved in the best way.

So please, remember that if it's a gift I need time to fit you in. Message me asap.

Watercolor pasta painting of a dish by NYC michelin star restaurant Rezdora. Painting by realism contemporary artist Amy Lewis.

commission for Rezdora


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