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don't take my word for it

This business begins and ends with you all. 

My work is about cultivating joy and gratitude in your home.

she is absolutely amazing!

 The detail, care and expertise she puts into her artwork is incredible! I reached out to her with a vision, she communicated so well with me, shared drafts, suggestions, and ideas and then painted the exact vision I had in my mind!

Thank you Amy for helping make my vision a reality!

This is an image of a watercolor food painting of macarons. There is a green, pink and purple macaron stacked ontop of eachother. This is a realism painting by Amy Lewis from Washington State.
This is a watercolor painting of a brick home in Australia. This is a realism commission by Amy Lewis from Washington state.

The details she includes in her pieces are perfect.

Amy produced a beautiful custom watercolor artwork for me. I asked her to paint my family home, and although it wasn’t her usual subject she did an amazing job!

As well as the final piece being so wonderful,

she was very easy to work with.

She communicated well with me through out and had a quick turn around time for something so detailed.

Would highly recommend her!

Amy was so kind and easy to work with!

I purchased a custom watercolor Sunflower painting and it came out so great!

She has amazing God-given talent and

I couldn't recommend her enough!

This is a watercolor realism painting of a sunflower by artist Amy Lewis from Washington State.

every bit helps

Reviews like these are such blessings both for morale and for business.

I really hope you enjoyed your experience with me. 

If you did, YAY, please leave a review.

If not, please let me know, I'd love to do the best I can. 

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