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Tacoma in Seattle

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

10 Tacoma artists gather their art, a few DJ's and a cider company to host a 2 day pop-up art exhibition in Belltown Seattle

Tacoma has all the art.

So we thought we'd be super generous and share a little. For two days in August, you'll be able to go to River event space in Belltown Seattle to see some serious art.

One of the great things about a group show is- we have a lot to offer. There will be work from abstract graffiti art to photorealism oils.

But let's dig into the specifics of the artist lineup...

My work is focused around appreciating the ordinary beauty in our lives and being grateful for the things we often take for granted. I work in watercolor and oil paints to create vivid lifelike compositions that spark joy and gratitude.

"Food has always been my obsession and increasingly, a cultural one," Erika says, Inspired by personal experience, research, and everyday visual culture, Erika's colorful colored pencil miniatures and paper cut outs investigate our complicated relationships with food.

Mike's art practice is a therapeutic tool in reaction to life. He is often dabbling and experimenting as a reflection of finding different therapeutic methods that help process life. His acrylic paintings are poured and by a myriad of methods dried in unique organic shapes. "I do my best to focus exclusively on what I'm actively making and get lost in that world without any outside distractions weighing me down," Mike says.

"I don’t show up at my studio to think, I go there to feel. And if I’ve done a good job, then the others that stand in front of, or around, or in my work feel something too, " says Lydia. Lydia uses watercolors, inks and digital mediums to create ethereal abstracts.

Dierdre works in acrylics and carved wood. Patterson's art is a testament to the power of fluidity and motion. Her vivid abstracts are a journey of self discovery and transformation.

Ashely work focuses on the female form and the influences of the occult. She works in primarily in gouache. If you love neons with an occult twist, her work is for you.

Jared Michael works makes graffiti paintings rich with layers and experimentation with lettering. Michael has dedicated himself to celebrating the champions and honoring those who have overcome all odds. "Each facet of the artwork can stand alone but also harmonizes with the whole; the form, the movement, the color, the thought, the feeling, the narrative." Jared writes: "Just like a good story, everyone might not relate to the whole thing but everyone can relate to some part of the journey."

Lourdes works mainly in portraiture moving through mixed media, oils and acrylics. He spends his time between creating large scale artworks/installations and fashion/concept design. He has a national art career primarily working in murals and installations.

Most recently, Lourdes Jackson is the designer of the 11th & L development/bldg with Tacoma Housing Authority in the Hilltop area of Tacoma, Wa.

Sarah works in acrylic paints to create emotional, thoughtful abstracts. "My hope is that through my work you see beauty in the vast spectrum of human emotion," says Demass. She is always experimenting and exploring emotions and methods to create unique abstracts.

Annika works in oil paints to create abstracted, representational portraits to provoke feelings of romance and nostalgia.

A Little Bit About River--

This gorgeous event space is over 100+ years old. The current owners prioritize working with creatives (which is great news for us). The space is 3000 square feet, all white and ready for ART. River is located in Belltown Seattle which is conveniently located blocks for downtown destinations like Pike Place Market.

Belltown is an up and coming art scene. Many galleries, studio spaces, restaurants and boutiques are blossoming in this neighborhood nestled in downtown Seattle.

The Belltown art walk boasts 36+ stops to enjoy every second Friday. This August, River will be among them- open for Tacoma in Seattle.

River event space in Belltown Seattle

Besides Art, There will also be...


Raf Lauren will be our DJ on Friday night. Woohoo!

We are very excited to welcome Raf and Locust Cider into our exhibition. Jana Early will also be there to capture the night.

Saturday-- Singer song writer vocals by Cami Werden will be performed live and fresh pastries by Maddy's Bakeshop.


when: August 11th 5-9 pm + August 12th 12-4 pm

where: River- 1927 3rd Avenue, Seattle 98101

what: Art exhibition of 10 Tacoma artists +music + (yummy treats)

good to know:

  • Two restrooms

  • WiFi internet access

  • There are a few outdoor paid parking lots and garages within one block of River as well as paid street parking.

  • There will be a photographer capturing the event. It's a good idea to aim for best dressed (there may be a competition)

If you'd like to promote/share info about this event I would be happy to share a promotional graphic and/or a poster with you. just email me at:


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