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Oil on wood panel



A little bit about the painting

Abundance is an oil painting on a cradled wood panel. 
She is 18x24x1.5" with a wire on the back, ready to hang.
She would look gorgeous in a gold floating frame.

We are familiar with the image of a cup overflowing as a metaphor for blessings. And I hope we are aware of how many people in the world still don’t have easy access to clean water. Abundance is both that common metaphor + also a reminder of the literal gift of hot and cold water whenever we want it

In seasons where I have very little disposable income I find that again and again God provides exactly what I need and so much more. So many of the frustrations I deal with are self imposed from doubt. I fear xyz, and I doubt God’s provision. But I’ve always been wrong. 
I do walk through valleys. But I’ve never been alone and things have always turned out okay. Usually better than okay.

Our time is so different than God’s time. But he knows the desires of our hearts and what is best for us. His timing is always perfect. His provision is always abundant.

“For he draws up the drops of water; they distill his mist in rain, which the skies pour down and drop on mankind abundantly.”
(Job 36:27-28)

My work is focused on gratitude. I draw attention to the modern luxuries we enjoy to evoke a feeling of gratitude and contentment in our everyday lives.

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