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5 things to consider when buying art.

Buying art is easy when it's cheap but as soon as that price goes up it becomes emotional and a little more complicated. Here are some things to consider.

this blog post is about buying art because you love art, not as a financial investment.

1. Can you afford to buy it twice?

This is common financial advise- if you can't afford to buy it twice then you can't afford it. This rule comes into play because when we buy things that are that expensive they begin to hold power over us. If I buy shoes so expensive that if I lost them I wouldn't be able to replace them then I will be afraid to wear them and I might become a little obsessed.

I agree with this line of thinking. But it is also fair to say that art isn't really replaceable. You can't really buy the same painting twice. It is irreplaceable.

I guess what I'm saying is 1) yes, consider your budget. Is this a little stretch for you or a huge unreasonable leap? Art prices should make you a little uncomfortable but they shouldn't put you in huge debt 2) This item is unique, if it brings you joy it is entirely reasonable to budget for it like a car payment or something similar. It's an investment (not like one you resell or that makes you money. But like an emotional investment.)

2. Do you have a spot in mind?

In my experience we are made up of several different aesthetics. I love crazy prints and bold colors with eclectic furniture and knickknacks. But I also love clean spaces with whites, dark greens and golds (more sophisticated).

Consider your space and your current aesthetic- what have you actually settled with in real life? Will this piece fit in with your style? Where will it go- do you have the wall space?