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A look inside Amy Lewis' Tacoma Studio

a photoshoot mostly for my benefit gives you a look into the space where I work


I've carved out a corner of our downtown Tacoma apartment where a traditional dining room might be. The building is historic. The old windows and tall walls provide both a beautiful space to work but also to display my work.

Photos by Seattle photographer Jana Early

Shooting the Studio

For professional reasons, I really needed a new headshot. A mutual friend connected me to Jana Early. I immediately fell in love with her work. This photoshoot became a creative collaboration.

Working in the studio

Many artists dream about getting their own studio space outside the home. (probably because of children, I imagine). But for me working at home is the dream. My "hours" are untraditional. I need the flexibility of working around meal times at all times of the day while still being home and available for my spouse. Some people view dishes and laundry as distractions but for me they are nice little productive breaks.

Studio organization

For me, organization is key to my productivity. Everyone has a level of mess they are willing to tolerate. I think my level is 4/10. Things can be messy as long as they are in a nice neat pile out of sight.

On my shelf:

chemicals- oils and mineral spirits, sprays, fixatives etc.




essential oil diffuser

In the hutch:

miscellaneous tools


colored pencils/markers

aesthetic trinkets


Inside- acrylic paints

Ontop- oil paints & folder of documents

Tabaret: (french word for table, it's actually just from ikea)

In the drawer: random junk

On the shelves: shop towels (paper towels from the hardware store). my tackle box of watercolors

On top: slab of marble I use for a palette (interior design sample. You can get them at Habitat for Humanity)

Photos by Seattle photographer Jana Early

That's all folks

I don't really spend a lot of time with paint on my hands. Nor do I make a habit of having several paintings on easels either in my studio or my living room. But it's for the pic right?

You don't need a studio separate from your home. But you do need a space that's just yours where you feel safe and undisturbed from judgment or children. You need somewhere that tells your brain "this is where I work" (also makes it a tax write off) and where you can leave y0ur work undisturbed for tomorrow-you.



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