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Framing, What? (Pt 2)

Okay so we talked about where to get frames. But what are my options???

1) Traditional Frame

This is the frame you think of when you read "frame"

Your work will be mounted on a mat which will be placed in a frame. In front of the mat there will be either plexiglass or UV glass (glass is best) The back of the frame will be sealed with paper. If your art or art print is flat this is the best way to keep it safe from dirt and sunlight.

2) Floating Frame

This type of frame looks like a box. The canvas or wood panel sits inside the frame. There is a 1/4-1/2 gap between the panel and the frame.

There is also a floating frame which is completely different. This type is where the art hangs between two panes of glass pressed together inside a traditional frame. This type is cute for photos but is not recommended for art. The traditional frame with a mat protects the art. When the piece is pressed against the glass it will age more quickly.

3) Shadow Box

A shadow box is a box with glass. It is typically used to hold things that aren't 2-dimensional pieces of art.

4) Other

HERE is a list of non traditional ways to frame art. I wouldn't recommend any of these for fine art or fine art prints.

5) Extra Resource

I don't need to reinvent the wheel for you. HERE is a great resource on finding the right frame for your art.


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