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Oil painting by contemporary west coast artist, Amy Lewis. Painting shows a white woman wearing a green floral blazer, yellow-green satin cami, satin green paints and wearing yellow gold jewelry. Woman is holding a huge starbucks mocha frap and her iphone.

Oil on wood panel




A little bit about the painting

Coffee Date is an oil painting on a cradled wood panel. 
She is 18x24x1.5" with a wire on the back, ready to hang.
She would look gorgeous in a gold floating frame.

Coffee Date's meaning is up to your imagination. I was inspired by greenwashing as a concept. I was interested in mixing cheap plastics and fast fashion against the greens and natural themes that companies use. 

I love a Starbucks treat and plastics are unavoidable in our world. Coffee Date evokes feelings of summer, first dates and little special treat days. 

My work is focused on gratitude. I draw attention to the modern luxuries we enjoy to evoke a feeling of gratitude and contentment in our everyday lives.

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