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How to Paint Faux Marble

In my latest oil painting I added a marble wall as my backdrop. Here are my tips + tricks.


I had never attempted to paint marble before. So I headed to the internet. I watched several videos. But there was one video in particular that I watched over and over. I would watch it just to get reinspired. Seeing the process again helped remind me what I should be doing.

The video: HERE


The thing is that in the video she is working with acrylic paint. I was slightly nervous to try the same process with oil paint.

So instead of using water to make the paint flow I needed to use mineral spirits and oil.

don't forget the rule:

fat over lean.

Fat over lean is the most common oil painting rule you will hear. It refers to using more oil in each subsequent layer. The fat over lean rule applies to all oil painting processes, not just painting marble but it's also key to painting marble.