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All my drawings end up in the trash.

FAQ: How do I start a sketch. I keep messing up and throwing out my drawings. Is there a better way?

(Copy of Louis Darling's Ramona Quimby illustration)

Hey! Lots of people have this problem. You start a drawing. Something goes wrong (because you're human) and you throw your drawing out. Lots of discouragement and self doubt ensues.

Here are some tips and things to remember to prevent drawing depression:

1) Sketch LIGHTLY

If you’re drawing, start with a sketch. Like a LIGHT sketch. The closer to the bottom of the pencil (like the graphite part) the darker and harder your lines will be, which equals harder to erase. Therefore, using the end of your pencil (close to the eraser end) will help you draw lighter. It takes getting used to but, trust me.

(Helpful videos listed below)

2) It's all about PLANNING

It’s all about planning. So

A) don't make your first draft your “final” draft. Just like writing

B) your sketch should start by planning out the space (like when you make a happy birthday sign and then run out of room bc you didn't plan).

Also starting with LARGE shapes then getting more and more detailed. For instance, if you’re drawing a face, don’t draw the eyes before you’ve planned out the actual shape of the head. If you're drawing a whole person, don't start with their head.