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Coming to your Neighborhood

6 watercolor originals will be hung in your local Proctor Art Gallery- May through June.

Proctor art gallery in Tacoma selling fine art originals and prints

Special, for you

Proctor Art Gallery is a boutique gallery in the Proctor district. Artists rent wall space to display in this cozy upscale neighborhood. However, a few walls are reserved for featured artists.

I'm honored to be a featured artist during May + June.

But I needed to -quick!- get some work available to show.

It's a lunch box vibe

I decided on smaller pieces in groups of three. This was something I knew I'd be able to accomplish in time.

I wanted to stray away from traditional desserts. So you can see above- I did 3 watercolor fruits. All three are 8x10x2" watercolors on Arches paper mounted on cradled wood panels (varnished+ ready to hang)

Next. I went slightly smaller with 6x8x2" paintings of the same medium. See those guys below.

All 6 paintings are reminiscent of something you may find in your lunch box as a kid. (I never got candy for lunch but I definitely got fruit). They have a childlike whimsy + innocence.

Come see them

Artwork is always better in person. If you're having a coffee at Olympia coffee- step into Proctor Art Gallery and have a look.

I'll be there for a meet and greet Sunday May 7th at 1 -3 pm.


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