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The Tacoma Art event, you might’ve known was happening

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Tacoma Consignment’s launch of their new gallery

253 Artist Series

Photos by Phil Lewis

You had me at hello

As soon as Tacoma Consignment's marketing manager reached out to me, I knew I wanted to do the show at the store. I had been to TC before and I knew what high end, unique, quality items they had. It is the perfect backdrop for an art show.

Art galleries in Tacoma are, sadly, few and far between. They exist. But not nearly enough of them for the growing population of career artists presiding in our city. A new gallery is just what downtown Tacoma needed.

A Match Made in Heaven

I’ve been so impressed with the professionalism and hospitality of Tacoma Consignment’s owners and staff. They put me front and center on their website, they promoted me on social media (including a short run ad), they took photos of me and interviewed me. They helped facilitate my work being hung up and the night of the event they provided champagne for all you wonderful guests.

Some artists curse their gallery owners. I was ecstatic to be their guinea pig and to be truly proud of our collaboration.

Photos by Phil Lewis

Cause to Celebrate

It feels like getting ready to perform on stage. The night before and day of the event strikes fear in my bones. “What if no ones shows”... “what if I don’t make any meaningful connections or sales?” … “What if people are bored?” … “What if…” Sometimes those fears do come true and I know it’s not really a reflection of my work. But I’m so thankful none of those fears came true at this event.

I was blown away by the amount of support and encouragement I received. People who know the store owners, people who saw signs somewhere, people who know me, people from the city, people from other galleries, other local artists: you were there. THANK YOU.

I met so many people. I was able to reach my mailing list goal of 200 because you all signed up for my raffle! I had a wonderful time talking with you and I think you all had a good time which is the biggest relief of all. And the icing on the cake was 5 sales. WOOHOO!!

Photos by Phil Lewis

It’s Just the Beginning

It is not easy to make something happen. But new things are exciting and energizing. They breathe new life into communities. We didn’t do anything earth shattering. Galleries come and go, artists have one show or the other.

But where there is one, there is the opportunity for more.

I hope more artists have the privilege of showing at Tacoma Consignment. And I hope more galleries start showing up in Tacoma. Where there are people, there is art. But without more spaces, it is so hard to see art and to be seen.

I’m thankful to have been a part of something new and I’m hopeful for where it may lead for myself and for others.

Photos by Shot by Hana

Thank you to Justin who reached out to me. Thank you to the owners Lindsey and Matt for hosting me. Thank you Hana for interviewing me and helping me get all the extra last minute things. And thank you to my dad and photographer, Phil Lewis for these photos of the night!


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