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  • Contemporary Fine Artist Amy Lewis | WA

    The Beauty of daily life reminds me to be grateful & to use my privileges for the good of others. art is an investment in something that gives you joy and will last you a lifetime. start collecting now Press Roam Tacoma Roam Tacoma's newest series of features highlights Tacoma artists. I was honored to be interviewed and photographed by Vivian Benge. ​ ​ Art Seen Magazine I'm honored to have been featured in the summer edition (#8) of Art Seen Magazine by Gita Joshi ​ Order your copy here! South Sound Magazine South Sound Magazine published a press release about the upcoming art exhibition that I am planning- Tacoma in Seattle. Read about it. Photo by JANA EARLY TACOMA IN SEATTLE I recently organized an a group fine art exhibition in Seattle. I featured my work along with 9 other Tacoma local fine artists. ​ Click the button below to read more about it. Tell Me More Learn, connect+ stay updated Read the most recent blog posts to learn things & hear about my latest projects Commissions (a special piece just for you). Tacoma in Seattle, a pop-up art exhibition.(the recap) Throwing an Art Show (Some thoughts) Check out the calendar I made for you. It's a free, downloadable, printable art gratitude calendar for 2024. Just sign up to my mailing list to access yours. First Name Last Name Email Submit welcome to the club. check your email. if you're seeing this Then you've made it to the bottom of the home page on my website. I'm honored. You've seen some of my work and a little bit about me. ​ I've added a handy button that will take you to more information about me. ​ But you can ignore that one if you don't care about my resume. ​ Please reach out if you're interested in purchasing or curious about commissions. My credentials let's chat

  • CALENDAR SIGN UP | Amy Lewis Fine Art

    fREE cALENDAR Welcome! I tried to make this calendar as accessible as possible. I want it to be something you can actually use and enjoy. 1 8.5x11" JPG version You can do several things with this version, You can: ​ easily print it on your home printer print it using a local printer ($35 ish) all pages. I recommend Arc printing Save only the image pages and upload them to an online printer. I've liked Mixbook. They often offer sales so about $20. But you can't format the actual calendar day portions. 2 16x9" JPG version You can do several things with this version, You can: ​ print it on your home printer if you have large paper print it using a local printer ($35 ish) all pages. I recommend Arc printing . I haven't looked into online calendar printers that use this size, it's possible but idk. 3 16x9" PDF Version You can do several things with this version, You can: Use it on your computer as a pdf print it on your home printer if you have large paper print it using a local printer ($35 ish) all pages. I recommend Arc printing . So sign up for my mailing list to get the calendar. FYI, my mailing list is really chill. At most I send 3 emails a month, but usually less. It's really just to announce sales, new work, and events. Sign up for the calendar! First Name Last Name Email Sign Me Up THANK YOU!

  • Ivory Tower | Amy Lewis Fine Art

    Ivory Tower Watercolor on paper, mounted on wood panel 24x30" 2021 $5,500 BUY NOW ​ shop prints A little bit about the painting Ivory Tower is a watercolor painting on Arches cold press watercolor paper mounted on a cradled wood panel and varnished. She is 24x30x2" with a wire on the back, ready to hang. She would look gorgeous in a gold floating frame. She downplays issues that don’t affect her, derides others and scorns others’ wishes. She is just so over this pandemic. Too often I've been he r. Ivory Tower reminds me to be empathetic and use what I have for others. My work is focused on gratitude. I draw attention to the modern luxuries we enjoy to evoke a feeling of gratitude and contentment in our everyday lives.

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Blog Posts (43)

  • Commissions (a special piece just for you).

    Need a food painting, hand paintings or portraits? I am your girl. Commissions are so special because they combine your vision with my expertise and skills. I can give life to something you love. How to start the commission process- Just email me. You can also visit my contact page to message me via my website. You can also message me on Instagram (not as reliable because sometimes messages get hidden). You can also call me, but if you do just know that I get loads of scam calls in a day so you'll need to leave a voicemail. email: phone: 253-495-7991 contact page What's it like getting a commission from Amy Lewis? First I do a little happy dance because you've taken the leap to reach out to me! I send you a little list of questions to narrow down exactly what you're looking for We go back and forth a little bit to make sure we are 100% on the same page You send me your reference images. Sometimes people don't have them and that's fine. It depends on the project. For instance, below you can see a watercolor painting on cheese. The commissioner asked for a cheese painting and I worked with a photographer to take that image. Other times it's very personal and you bring the image (like a portrait). If you want to provide your own images but they are really bad... then that'll be an issue. We can discuss, but just know that if I have to compile several images together it is never as good as using one image (this is especially true for getting a likeness, in the case of an animal or a person). Once we are agreed on everything, I will send you an invoice for the project and request a 50% deposit Deposit in hand, I will start your project I will be in contact with you the whole time about where in the process I am. I will check in for feedback before starting each "next stage" Once I'm done I will get your stamp of approval and request the other 50% of monies I do have a clause requiring 20% of the total price if I have to do any big "fixes" and 100% of the price if I have to do the painting over. This has never happened. This is a safety net in case of difficult clients. I communicate so much with you that you really have no reason to be surprised. And I'm also happy to make small adjustments or suggestions (I ask for feedback). Before I send you the painting I will have it photographed (and in the cases of oil, I will need to varnish it. So think about 2-3 weeks of drying time if you're commissioning an oil painting). Then we arrange pickup or shipping! I will send you an image of the piece you can share on social media. If you are interested in licensing then I will send you a high res digital file of the original. And if you are interested in printing the image you can arrange that through me:) Woah, that was a lot of steps. But really, it's not. It goes super smoothly if everyone communicates promptly. So, how long will the commission take? It really depends on what I have going on, what time of year it is and what your project is like. But here are some time estimates just based on project type. Time estimates: The moral of this story is to contact me asap because there is no time guarantee. 90% of my commissions are gifts for others which usually have a deadline. So hit me up. If you wait, that amazing birthday idea will turn into a Christmas gift. Different commission styles and their prices- Style one: No Background I don't have a sexy name for this style. But leaving the background white is a common trend among artists right now. It allows us to make work more quickly and it makes the subject *pop*. All the images below are past commissions in this "style" This style tends to be more affordable because I am able to do the work more quickly. It can be done in either watercolor or oils. But as you can see below- it's usually in watercolor. Style one: Full Composition- You can see below that this "style" is what you may think of as a traditional painting. I offer this style in both oil and watercolor paint. This style, regardless of medium, takes much more time and therefore is pricier. So you want to know about pricing. The biggest factors that determine price are: style and size. Every project is different and if you have something in mind then it's best to get a custom quote. Just email me: But sometimes you just want artists to spit it out. Here's a very rough estimate: Other factors may be supplies. If you choose a watercolor painting mounted on a wood panel then that will be a little extra then just on paper. Or maybe you want to license the image for a product- that will have associated fee. In conclusion, let's start a commissioned painting I loveee to do commissions. It's so exciting to deliver a piece that someone is already so invested in, It's personal for everyone involved in the best way. So please, remember that if it's a gift I need time to fit you in. Message me asap. commission for Rezdora

  • Tacoma in Seattle, a pop-up art exhibition.(the recap)

    If you walked by River in Seattle, WA on August 11th and 12th you would've seen a large, industrial gorgeous space filled with fine art by 10 Tacoma local artists. About the Event I organized this exhibition because I wanted this opportunity for myself. (the opportunity of having a fine art show in Seattle). Inviting 9 other artists to come along on the journey made this exhibition actually work. They brought beautiful work, they invited their circles and they gave me support and encouragement. Friday night we had some drinkies from a cider company and amazing cookies from The Common Cookie. We also enjoyed music from DJ Raf Lauren. Jana Early was there to document the night. Saturday afternoon, the next day, we were blessed by Maddy's Bakeshop (GORGEOUS DELICIOUS CAKES). Plus Cami Werden did a phenomenal job singing (Can't wait for her debut album to be released). About the Artists To read more about the artists you can head to my other blog post about this event. They all currently live in (or grew up in) Tacoma. There was no "theme" to the show. We brought our best work and represented our city as best as we knew how. As well as the organizer, I was also the curator. I chose these artists based on the quality of their work, their attitude/personalities and their dedication to making and selling work. They had to be people that were dreamers and doers. Having the same goal and attitude towards the event helped us to stick together and make it happen. Anticipation We had put in the work to get the word out and we started the day pretty early to get all the work up to Seattle and hung by late afternoon. I was thrilled to be at River. The space was huge and beautiful. It was such a wonderful feeling to see it come alive with all the artwork. How It Went It went really well. Firstly, I'm so thankful to River for hosting us. They are an invaluable resource for artists. Having the space for a second day was amazing because we didn't have to set up and tear down in the same day. It was so easy to work with the owners. 110% would throw another show there. Friday night had such good energy. We had people dropping in because they were doing the Belltown Art walk which was happening the same evening. We had loads of family and friends. People were eating the cookies, drinking the drinks and spending a long time looking at art. There was a lot of work on the walls so there was a lot of reason (beyond snacks and chatting) to stay and enjoy the show. Saturday was a little slower, a little more chill. But we still had family and friends stopping by. In the lulls, The artists were able to catch up and chat. The whole project was a little surreal because many of us had never met. Being artists in Tacoma gives us a lot in common so it was so good to chat and bounce ideas off of each other. A collector also came back to pick up Dierdre's painting and close the deal. (amazing). Everything went so smoothly. There were no big accidents or mishaps. No one missed the show because of traffic and no work was damaged. It was such a beautiful show and I'm so proud of it. Why Seattle Some thoughts, I think it's important to share art between Seattle and Tacoma. As we chatted amongst ourselves, we agreed that it felt like maybe the art scene in Seattle has been slowing down recently whereas the art scene in Tacoma is getting revitalized. (I'm sure someone may feel differently). But if there's any truth to it, it's important for our cities to support each other- Tacoma with our vitality and Seattle with it's experience and long running organizations and structures (and collectors). I loved organizing this event. It feels so inspiring and empowering to organize an event for yourself and for others. We were tired of waiting for someone to "choose us". We chose ourselves. I will definitely be thinking about curation and how I can throw more shows in the future (in Tacoma and Seattle) If you have a good space for an art show, please don't hesitate to reach out! Thank you. Thank you to everyone who made their way to downtown Seattle on their August weekend. We can put in the work and yell from the roof tops, but it's really up to every supporter, friend, family member and art aficionado to come make the party happen. So, thank you. See you next time. All photos by Jana Early.

  • Throwing an Art Show (Some thoughts)

    In August 2023 I threw an art exhibition with 9 other Tacoma artists, titled "Tacoma in Seattle." These are my bts thoughts and my goals for next time. The Event Tacoma in Seattle was my art event baby. I made it a goal to have a show in Seattle and so I made that goal happen. It was successful by most standards of the word. However-- I dream big. And there are things I'd change up a little bit for next time. Things That I'd Repeat Group show- It was so relieved to have a group of artists behind me. First of all, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for me to fill such a big space with my work. They also brought expertise, helping hands, advice, encouragement and their groups of supporters. Musical talent- I loved having a dj and then a singer-songer writer at the event. It was lovely having them. 100% would ask them to do another event with me. Food Vendors- The Common Cookie and Maddy's Bakeshop were perfect, love them. I knew I didn't want to spend a lot of money on food or drinks, so finding vendors that were willing to come for free and sell worked perfect. I hope it was worth it to them. It seemed like they were selling a lot so, I think it was. Reaching out to press- leading up to the event I sent (and resent) press releases to online magazines and newspapers. I found out 2 things, news sources usually have event pages where you sign up and post your event for free and if a magazine features your event it will probably be in an online blog format. But I think it was valuable and I would definitely do again. Snail Mail invites to gallerists & curators- this could almost fit in the rethink section because I'm 99.9% sure none of the invitees actually came. But I think it was still valuable. I sent invites to galleries and curators and if they actually received it, then they were made aware that we did a thing. And maybe next time they will make time for the thing (or look it up and connect after the thing). This one is on the fence, but I think it is worth doing. For Next Time drinks. It was such a hassle to follow the very strange (and arbitrary) alcohol rules. If I had the show at River again, I know the rules now so it'd be fine. But if I had the show somewhere else, I don't want to jump through hoops. SO I'm thinking cool alt drinks-- mocktails are very in right now. I'm on the hunt for a mocktail vendor. more attendees (I'm incredibly thankful for everyone who came. But the show was so short and during a vacation month, I think there were more people interested who weren't able to come). So maybe I'll consider having the show up for longer and throwing it in the spring, fall or winter. marketing- more social shares. Our giveaway flopped for some reason and not many people were sharing our event. (thank you again to everyone who did). Maybe our poster and marketing materials could've had some humor or a cooler design. more sales. Congratulations to Dierdre for making the only sale of the show. This one is hard to plan for and it's always secondary to networking when it comes to art shows. But it's always the real goal. Not sure how to make this one happen though. alt. ways to make up costs. Next time I may consider making it a ticketed event ($5 or under). This time around I did not want merch or prints at the show. But next time I may allow space for that. I wanted the show to be very "fine art gallery" vibes, which it was. But realistically, having merch and prints is a great way to engage fans and build loyalty. In Conclusion Throwing this event was a huge learning curve. But I'm really thankful for the experience. It went so well. I cherish the feeling of when I walked into River for the first time (I had never been there throughout the planning). I felt crazy, laugh out loud joy when I saw that huge beautiful space. It was super surreal that I was allowed to be in charge and bring art and friends together to celebrate. I started working on this project at the beginning of 2023 and it finally came to fruition. I feel bizarre going on with my year with the event behind me. It's not apparent how it will effect my life/career. But it brought joy to a lot of people, and that's something to be really grateful for. Photos of the event are coming very soon. I can't wait to share.

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