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  • Watercolor Pandemic Portrait | Ivory Tower

    Ivory Tower details about the painting: watercolor on paper mounted on a wood panel 24"x30" made in 2021 Watercolor on paper, mounted on wood panel 24x30" 2021 this painting is currently on display at Artco framing and gallery in Tacoma, WA Schedule a studio visit to see the painting in person ​ $5,500 BUY NOW

  • Contemporary Fine Artist Amy Lewis | WA

    The Beauty of daily life reminds me to be grateful & to use my privileges for the good of others. art is an investment in something that gives you joy and will last you a lifetime. start collecting now Featured Product Do you ignore the spitting rain and enjoy the rainbow peaking through the storm? Is there more coffee coursing through your veins than there is water? You might be from Tacoma. You might be right at home in the City of Destiny. Show your city pride with the newest edition of Tacoma Vibes. SNAG A SHIRT Press Creative Boom In this interview with Creative Boom's Katy Cowan, we dived into everything from how I learned to paint to why I paint what I paint. ​ ​ Envision Art Magazine Envision Art Magazine featured my work with a 4 page spread in their 6th edition print magazine. Grit City Magazine Grit City Magazine collaborated with me to create their featured art piece. The piece celebrates Tacoma and is inspired by Art Nouveau. ​ Learn, connect+ stay updated Read the most recent blog posts to learn things & hear about my latest projects 15 mural ideas to spice up your home (which one is right for you?) Meet Julia Ockert (Now you have a friend in Australia) Erika Norris the Tacoma Artist you Should Definitely Know about Don't miss out on new art, events and monthly freebies! First Name Last Name Email Message Submit welcome to the club if you're seeing this Then you've made it to the bottom of the home page on my website. I'm honored. You've seen some of my work and a little bit about me. ​ I've added a handy button that will take you to more information about me. ​ But you can ignore that one if you don't care about my resume. ​ Please reach out if you're interested in purchasing or curious about commissions. My credentials let's chat

  • Contact Amy Lewis | Tacoma Artist

    i BET YOU'RE PRETTY cOOL. That's why I can't wait to meet you. Psst! Here's my instagram! Introduce yourself! First Name Last Name Email Your message > YES! I'll get back to you soon. woman artist, watercolor realism painting oil painting washington artist

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  • 15 mural ideas to spice up your home (which one is right for you?)

    This blog post is really a break down of a post by Redfin. But seriously you could snag any of these ideas for yourself Redfin Ryan Castillo from Redfin reached out to artists and designers for their hot takes on home murals. I was one of them. I recommended checkerboard print because it's very doable for someone who is not "artistic" or "good at painting". All you need a ruler, tape and some paint. 15 ideas: natural mural in a kid's bedroom floral mural in the staircase checkerboard print in the bathroom or kitchen backsplash florals in the bathroom bouquet of flowers on your headboard nature scene in the kitchen seascape in your bedroom zodiac mural on your ceiling alternate reality on that wall that's hard to fill with art koi mural in your entryway celebrate your culture with tiny murals graffiti mural in your studio apt collaborative community mural tropical vibes for office backdrop seascape Choosing the right idea for you I think you should head over to the original blog to read Ryan's tips for choosing a mural idea. There is some good advice and some things to think about as you consider your home in particular. READ HERE Thank you! *Also fyi I do murals. I've done a mural for Spaceworks which you can see downtown on Broadway and I have also transformed a boring bathroom into a colorful reef for kids.

  • Meet Julia Ockert (Now you have a friend in Australia)

    Let me introduce you to Julia Ockert- watercolor realism painter from Australia. all photos provided by Julia Ockert Who is Julia Ockert? A year or so ago, Julia and I connected on Instagram. I love her work and she was receptive to my messages. It is always wonderful to find a kindred spirit. Since we connected she has been a valuable friend to bounce ideas around with. Julia is based in Canberra, AUS. She has always been interested in painting but her passion really took off after working as a digital designer for several years. She realized what she really enjoyed was the more traditional medium of painting. She no longer wanted to do digital design or be an employee. "The rise in social media was crucial for my transition between ”employee” and “artist”, as it allowed me to market and therefore sustain myself financially" said Julia. She currently has 21k followers on Instagram. She has also had a lot of success marketing on Reddit and selling on platforms such as Society6. Her success keeps her busy printing and packaging orders. "I generally spend two days a week printing and packaging online orders" Julia says, "Other days I’m working on commissions, creating for fun or learning ways to further market myself." Being a fulltime artist comes with many hats. The Work Julia's work caught my eye because she does beautiful watercolors of cocktails. Her attention to detail and use of color wowed me. She is self taught- learning through practice. She uses several different mediums but watercolor is her favorite: "I find them forgiving and familiar" However, "The medium I have the most fun with however would be oil pastels!" When I asked Julia what her favorite thing about her art practice is she said: "Creating whatever I want + working for myself from home + the process of watching a fairly detailed painting come together." Freedom to work on what she wants in the comfort of her home are huge blessings to being a fulltime artist. Not to mention the joy of seeing a painting come to life. Inspiration Julia is inspired by: A multitude of other artists - both old and new Sunlight and shadows classical music 1970s photography patterns in nature When asked what advice she has for other artists, Julia said, " My advice would be to stay true to yourself, don’t be afraid to experiment with new styles and mediums, use social media to your advantage to market yourself and learn what you can from artists you admire." Struggles & Goals I deeply relate to Julia's biggest challenge which she confesses is the fluctuation of money during the slow months. It can be "anxiety-inducing." Her best cure is to stay productive and think strategically. "I find that using this time as wisely and productively as possible is the antidote" said Julia. Her big dreamy goals for the future are vague but in the short run she would love to do larger scale paintings. "I currently create a lot of small-scale, detailed works however, I would love to create large-scale abstract works (haha!)" confessed Julia. On an unrelated note to art, I'm always curious what people's secret passion is-the thing they admire and if they could have those skills what would they be doing instead of their actual job. For Julia she would be working in a job focused on animal welfare. Conclusion Go buy her work right now. Click here. Follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her mailing list! Thank you to Julia who agreed to be interviewed for this post :) <3

  • Erika Norris the Tacoma Artist you Should Definitely Know about

    Erika Norris is serving up bite sized artworks you'll want to see closer. Hear about her practice, experience and inspirations. all photos provided by Erika Norris Who is Erika Norris? Erika Norris is a visual artist based in Tacoma, WA. She works in colored pencils, paper cut outs and does web production/design on the side. Erika says that she always wanted to do something creative with her life and as she became older she was drawn to the visual arts. "I fell in love with the act of translating research into a visual language" says Erika. She has a BA from New York University and an MAFA from Goldsmith’s College through LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore. She's also taken a bunch of workshops and short courses around art business and art making. She recommends; “Working in a Series” by Lisa Call. Erika Norris has tried out many mediums but colored pencils and paper cut outs have won over her heart. She learned how to draw by copying pictures out of magazines with a mechanical pencil and when she was introduced to colored pencils she fell in love. From a young age she has taught herself and when something wasn't working the internet could fill in the gaps. As a kid she loved crafts and making mod-podge boxes as gifts for friends. That interest came out during grad school as she became interested in sculptural collages. Those explorations led to her ingenious book cutouts. Inspiration Erika's main subject matter is food; "I am really inspired and interested in the underlying reasons and experiences we have with it from nostalgia to fear. I tend to get a lot of inspiration from my own experiences with food, but also from reading and research into sociology, mental health, and diet culture" says Erika. Her love for food artwork explores our relationships with food so for inspiration she often draws from social media, traditional media, advertisements, cookbooks and current food trends. Her conceptual inspiration is a blend of personal experience and reading into the diet, wellness, and self-help industries. Color Pencil Drawings If you've seen Erika's colored pencil drawings in person then you know they are very small: "I like the intimacy of the smaller works and feel that there is something personal in their delicateness that draws people in. I love watching people get so close that their noses almost touch the art in order to take in all the details" When she's worked on larger works she feels that the intensity disappears as the viewer stands far back from the work. She also struggles with the speed of creating her work. Realism fine art takes a long time. It is meticulous and thoughtful. So there are some practicalities to making smaller works such as being more profitable and staying motivated. Her miniature drawings are sold in a series. One image will be the dessert whole and then progressively with each image the dessert will be eaten. Her drawings are mounted on wood panels. By selling her drawings mounted and in a series she can keep the intimate size of her works while providing the collector with a lifelong treasure. Cut outs I've never seen anything like Erika's cut outs. They blow me away and they are very hard to explain. You really just have to see them. She creates her cutouts by following rules for herself as she approaches a cookbook, National Geographic or fitness magazine with scissors. she starts with what size she wants the spine of the book to be (typically 1 inch) Looks at each page of the book/magazine if there is no image or main subject that touches that 1 inch then she takes that page out If the main subject touches that 1 inch spine or goes into it then she cuts around that subject This method results in all the cut outs stacked on top of each other in a beautiful collage sculpture held together by the spine of the book (see above). This is a very process inspired piece of artwork. "I really enjoy the process because it always gives me an unexpected result and really forces me to let go of trying to control the outcome of a piece" says Erika "It feels like such an opposite experience for me than my photorealistic drawings." Struggles & Goals As a shy introvert marketing is her biggest obstacle to her art practice. "I have been taking a very long break and posting irregularly because I had so much anxiety around creating content that I started to avoid making work,'" says Erika. "In a way, my brain was telling me: if you don’t make anything then you don’t have to market it." When it comes to making art, time is the biggest struggle. Like a lot of fine artists she is frustrated with the pressure to be completing things all the time; "there is a lot of social pressure in the form of ‘hustle culture’ that tells us to always be making and producing, but that is antithetical to my art and my process." To stay motivated she has started working on more than one series at a time. Having a series that takes less time helps to counter act the pressure to finish the highly detailed slow series. The colors of her work keep her motivated and inspired. She loves the constant challenge of finding the right combination of pencils to bring a subject to life. Her best advice for people wanting to become artists is to focus on what you are doing and resist the temptation to compare yourself to others. "Instead, I try to focus on the bigger picture and on doing things in ways that feel authentic to me and the way I work," says Erika, Her goals revolve around having shows and installations: "I would love to create an installation that really plays with all our senses in addition to my drawings. Also, I have always wanted to use scent as a part of a work or show." Conclusion Go buy her work right now. Click here. Follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her mailing list! You'll want to keep an eye out for this artist. Thank you to Erika who agreed to be interviewed for this post :) <3

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