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15 mural ideas to spice up your home (which one is right for you?)

This blog post is really a break down of a post by Redfin. But seriously you could snag any of these ideas for yourself


Ryan Castillo from Redfin reached out to artists and designers for their hot takes on home murals. I was one of them. I recommended checkerboard print because it's very doable for someone who is not "artistic" or "good at painting". All you need a ruler, tape and some paint.

15 ideas:

  • natural mural in a kid's bedroom

  • floral mural in the staircase

  • checkerboard print in the bathroom or kitchen backsplash

  • florals in the bathroom

  • bouquet of flowers on your headboard

  • nature scene in the kitchen

  • seascape in your bedroom

  • zodiac mural on your ceiling

  • alternate reality on that wall that's hard to fill with art

  • koi mural in your entryway

  • celebrate your culture with tiny murals

  • graffiti mural in your studio apt

  • collaborative community mural

  • tropical vibes for office backdrop

  • seascape

Choosing the right idea for you

I think you should head over to the original blog to read Ryan's tips for choosing a mural idea. There is some good advice and some things to think about as you consider your home in particular.

Thank you!

*Also fyi I do murals. I've done a mural for Spaceworks which you can see downtown on Broadway and I have also transformed a boring bathroom into a colorful reef for kids.


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