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Tacoma City Mural

My second ever mural is visible in downtown Tacoma. Check it out on Broadway.

Spaceworks Rapid Mural Program

In 2020-2021 during the height of the pandemic Spaceworks decided to start a program called rapid murals. Rapid murals were paintings done on the boards that covered business' windows that were closed due to the pandemic.

I was accepted into this program and two sketches were approved. But then things started opening back up. It became harder to coordinate with the businesses and my murals kept getting postponed.

The Tollbooth Gallery

The tollbooth gallery is in downtown Tacoma on Broadway, right in front of the old Woolworth windows. This structure used to be a message board and then it was turned unconventional "gallery." The gallery would occasionally have a different paint job and/or video installation.

But it had been a long time since it had been changed and the tv that had video kept getting stolen.

Cue Spaceworks reaching out to me.

(pictured above: the before images of the tollbooth gallery)

The Call

It wasn't actual