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5 Ways to Practice Gratitude

we love to complain but it doesn't bring sustainable joy. Here are my best tips for practicing gratitude in your life.


Before I list the things I just want to say that these are practices for everyday. Everyday advice isn't always applicable in extreme cases. Not everything negative is complaining and not every situation has to be turned positive. Sometimes life really does suck.

But in general, there is probably room for us all to be more thankful.

1. reflect

Thinking and reflecting is the most obvious way to practice gratitude.

Most often when we complain it's because we are speaking without thinking. We let out a whine before we think about how that whining will affect others and how it will affect ourselves.

If I focus on how much my feet hurt in my high heels. I'll probably have less of a good time and I'll probably ruin the vibe for others. If I can force myself to think before I speak I can decide to either 1) do something about the issue 2) say something positive instead (maybe the shoes are killing me but they're also super cute)

That is such a silly example.

All I am saying is with a little reflection we could turn our attitude around to be grateful for what we have rather than resentful of inconvenience.

2. count

We've all been told to count our blessings around thanksgiving and it can seem a little forced. But if you think about counting your blessings at certain times - like when you're stressed or in a bad mood- it might be more meaningful.

Also don't stop at the big things. Count everything you can think of: