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5 Ways to get Inspired

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

1) Pinterest art.

Not only do I scroll through Pinterest art (it's a lot of work, so much garbage) but I also curate a board that exclusively has pieces that make me go "wow". If it's not wow, forget it, it probably isn't inspiring you.

Find my art board here.

2) Listen to music

3) Read books

(novels almost exclusively, poetry works too)

4) Follow

other artists/creatives on Instagram to see what they are doing

5) Let your mind wander.

80% of my ideas come to me 9-11 pm. They come when I'm reading but not paying attention to the words or when I'm trying to fall asleep. If we don't let our minds rest a little, we might be blocking some good ideas from coming our way. White noise + darkness does wonders


This isn't a tip to get inspired. It's a tip what to do AFTER you've been inspired.

Write it down. A drawing is great but if you can't draw it (drawing is hard) write it down in words. Just use simple wording that will trigger that memory when you need it. Sometimes the idea will be dumb. But you will never know whether it was gold or not if you can't remember it (and trust me, you'll forget). Once you forget that idea, you may torture yourself trying to remember what that idea was. So, just write it down.

If you have no pen/pencil/paper. Try to tell it to someone else or practice word association (like when studying for a test). But best to just be prepared.


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