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You can make art too

Here is my work ethic + motivational speech on creativity:

You don't have to go pro

Guess what? not everything has to be about money or fame. It's amazing how freeing that realization can be. I have to remind myself of this all the time (more than once a day probably). Your life can be enriched by making art. So paint, sculpt, do whatever because it gives you joy. Money isn't everything.

You don't have to be the best

This sounds like the first category but hear me out. 80% of people I meet tell me the same things 1) wow I'm not creative like you 2) I can't do anything artistic creating art in any capacity is extremely emotional and it makes people feel vulnerable. Often they tried painting (etc.) at a young age and they didn't excel at it and they weren't encouraged in it, so they STOPPED. You guys are breaking my heart.

Firstly, everything in life has to be practiced. Art is no exception. I would not expect to be able to sit at the piano for the first time and play Mozart. You can't sit down and paint a Van Gogh. But you can certainly practice.

Secondly, every single person in the universe who has ever lived or will live, is creative. "Creative: relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas" (that's from Google). We would die if we weren't creative. Maybe you found a creative way to set the table or feed your children. You don't have to be the best or be original to enjoy creating art. It will still feed your soul even if it kind of sucks.

But I get it, it takes a serious amount of courage to be willing to fail. Imagine you're a little kid and encourage yourself to just try. Kids are forced to try everything. But over time we become better at stuff because we kept trying.

Get inspired

No one can be a good writer without reading. No one can be a good artist without looking at art. Sorry, thems the rules.

Inspiration is personal, random, emotional and hard to cultivate. There are many many books on the subject (go ahead google them).

My methods to get inspired are found here.


You're a noob. Supplies can be expensive. Your mistakes will throw you into emotional turmoil if you spend good money on something you're trying for the first time. Just use what you have and if you need to buy, buy cheap.

Once you realize your supplies are holding you back, then you're probably ready to upgrade.


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