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Behind the Scenes- Afternoon Snack

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Afternoon Snack,


oil paint on birch wood cradled panel


1) Inspiration

I could wax eloquent upon my muses... OR I could just give you the bullet points: -Gucci's collaboration with artist Ignasi Monreal

- Harry Styles (always)

-Ocean's 8 (diammonnds)

-1700-1800's aristocratic paintings (you know the ones with lace + silks)

-Metropolitan Market's french fries (my true love worked there)

-Editorials. Editorials that sell jewelry or food commonly pair the two together. These types of photos are probably the closest thing I've ever seen to my pieces. I've seen a lot of food paintings and a lot of jewelry paintings. Maybe it's a little like stealing, but that's what every artist does anyway. Every set up/ composition is my own.