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12 O'clock Popsicle

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Popsicle food art, why and what for?

photo by Phil Lewis (my dad and photographer)

So it began

July 19th 2022 I finished this painting.

I was inspired by my mural just a week before. I realized there was a realm of creating that I had been ignoring.

In my search for realism I had neglected my more imaginative wanderings.

As a beginner you always want to be able to paint what you seen in your mind. As a more experienced painter I was finally able to do that - within reason.

This sort of realism that isn't hyperrealistic leaves me free to make art faster and with more whimsy and to offer art in a more affordable range.. Not every idea has so be completely thought out because I'm spending 1-3 days on it (not 1-3 months).

Popsicle Popsicle

My sketchbook is full of litt