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Emerging Artist, Amy Lewis (hey that's me) organizes fine art group exhibition

Lewis is creating her Seattle fine art debut herself and taking 9 other artists with her. You'll want to be there (it's up for 2 days only)

A Fine Art Exhibition in Seattle?

I'm Amy Lewis. I am an emerging fine artist living/working in Tacoma, WA. My work is centered around finding gratitude in the ordinary.

For 1 year + I've wanted to have a show in Seattle. I felt like my ideal collectors live there and I needed to find them. It can be tricky getting into a gallery and it can be tricky throwing a show all by yourself. Throwing a group show is also tricky, but it's a lot easier.

I'm so excited to be organizing Tacoma in Seattle- a group fine art show that provides an opportunity for 10 Tacoma artists to show in Seattle AND brings really good Tacoma art to Seattleites.

Organizing this exhibition has been so good in many ways. I'm happy to give this opportunity to the other artists and I am excited for others to be able to enjoy all this art.

photo by Jana Early

It's really about the art

The event is really focused on sharing art, with that "fine art, white box gallery look" while still being a fun event to go to (add in good music + snacks).

The event is 2 days only. It's at River in downtown Seattle (Belltown area. Only 10 min walk from Pike Place market).

If you come Friday night- I recommend getting dinner downtown, hitting the other galleries on the Belltown Art Walk and then coming to our party (5-9pm). Dress up (if you want), because we are holding a best dressed competition.

If you come Saturday afternoon (12-4 pm), then I recommend grabbing brunch, wandering around Pike Place market, then come through to our event. Afterwards, I'm sure other galleries in Belltown will be having openings as well.

*I also recommend coming both days.

Event Details

Where: River, 1927 3rd avenue

When: August 11th, 5-9pm // August 12th 12-4 pm

There is parking right next to the venue so don't even worry about it!

Come as you are. Art is for everyone. (but if you want to dress up, we dig that- there's a best dressed competition happening Friday night, with prizes)


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