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Designed from my own experience. I've included 4 different types of pages for your use + examples of how I filled them out. I use a variation of these pages in my daily life to track what I eat, how I feel, what I accomplished, and what I'm grateful for.

These four pages are designed to help you-
cultivate gratitude
reflect on your emotional health
recognize how your body feels
celebrate daily accomplishments

The hope is that by reflecting on these factors in your life-
you can work on improving them by forming good habits and seeing patterns in your life.

More! More! More! isn't always the answer. Sometimes we will be more fulfilled if we have eyes to see and appreciate what we've already been given. Sometimes days fly by and it's important for me to have a record of my health, blessings and accomplishments.

Please print out as many as you'd like! (you can also download them as a pdf and fill them in on your computer)

Gratitude+ Wellness Journaling Pages

  • With the intro pages and the examples this pdf is a total of 11 pages

    4 work pages total


    This is a digital product. 

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